Do You Know What  Your Insurance Deductible Is? Brace Yourself!

By DFW Urethane | April 18, 2022

For over 30 years, DFW Urethane has installed hundreds of commercial roofs. In addition to our expert roofing services, we also offer insulation and sealing services. Many of our clients know us for our Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing.  SPF roofing can save you money on your energy bill and protect you from extreme temperatures…

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Who’s Really the Expert?

By DFW Urethane | December 14, 2021

Who’s really the expert? That’s a very good question. You need to know who you’re dealing with when it comes to things like: Coating your roof with silicone Spraying foam on your roof Repairing an existing spray foam roof You don’t want a company with workers who have been mopping tar or asphalt roof coating…

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The Leaking R-Panel Roof

By DFW Urethane | December 5, 2021

There is a popular low-maintenance metal panel called an R-Panel. Although it may not be discussed as much as other panels, it’s used on many buildings. R-Panel roofing is made up of 36” metal panels. You can recognize them by their raised ribs with flat areas in between them.  Both residential and commercial buildings use…

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The Benefits of Smaller Crews and Robotics

By DFW Urethane | November 30, 2021

For the roofing industry, just like in many industries, hiring is hard right now. At first this seemed to be very negative, but it has turned out to be something rather beneficial. We’ve learned that smaller crews have got production on track more than anticipated. The quality of work has also gone up. Why is…

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The Roofing Industry Has Turned Into a Guessing Game

By DFW Urethane | November 30, 2021

The roofing industry, like many industries, continues to face new challenges. For the roofing industry. We are seeing shortages of materials such as PVC pipes and steel. As these shortages continue, prices are going up and deliveries are getting delayed. Materials that are seeing an increase in price include: Drywall Electrical equipment Adhesives PVC pipes…

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Challenges of the Pandemic: Material Shortages

By DFW Urethane | November 24, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on many industries. The roofing industry is one of them. At the onset of the pandemic, many roofing projects had to actually be stopped until the industry received an official essential service classification. Many items became scarce in the worldwide supply chain, including roofing materials. Requests for…

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Working Through the Challenges of the Pandemic

By DFW Urethane | November 18, 2021

As we were about to venture into 2020 just as any new year that came before, we couldn’t have possibly been ready for the challenges that were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our nation came to a halt and this had a negative impact on businesses everywhere. With so many businesses being deemed non-essential,…

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DFW Urethane Repairs Historic Scottish Rite Building in Dallas

By DFW Urethane | May 24, 2021

The roofing project of the Dallas Scottish Rite Museum and Library required a very well-thought-out plan. Due to the location of the museum, a specific safety strategy was put in place that required the use of a 290-ton crane in the middle of the night to avoid downtown Dallas traffic, as well as the installation…

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DFW Urethane Restores Mod-Bit Roof in French Settlement

By DFW Urethane | May 17, 2021

This large warehouse located in Dallas, Texas, was suffering from several leaks due to a 20-year old mod-bit roof that was failing at the seams. DFW Urethane installed a cost-effective silicone coating system directly over the existing roof. We have blown the roof off, got all the trash and debris off it, the loose granules,…

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