Do You Know What  Your Insurance Deductible Is? Brace Yourself!

For over 30 years, DFW Urethane has installed hundreds of commercial roofs. In addition to our expert roofing services, we also offer insulation and sealing services. Many of our clients know us for our Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing. 

SPF roofing can save you money on your energy bill and protect you from extreme temperatures and leaks. It performs well in harsh weather conditions, including hurricane-force winds, and it can last you a lifetime.

In today’s world of high insurance premiums and deductibles, a roof that will last is worth the price.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you own a commercial property, you know that insurance companies aren’t exactly enthusiastic about paying claims. If you need a roof replacement, it might be more expensive than you think.

Insurance companies used to have lower deductibles ($1000 to $2500). In the past 5 to 7 years, many insurance companies have changed their deductible to a percentage of the insured value of the building.

If you had a 5-story building insured for $8 million dollars, your deductible could be $160,000.

As you know, most high-rise buildings don’t really have a lot of square footage in the roof area. Can you imagine having to pay a $160,000 deductible? 

The answer to the high deductible is the Neogard hail warranty. With this warranty, you don’t have to file a claim in many cases because the roof resists damage so well.

SPF Roofing Systems and Roof Coating Systems Stand Firm Against Severe Hail Storms and High Winds

Where severe weather conditions like Texas-sized hail storms are concerned, you’re going to need some extra help. Neogard roof coating systems are that extra help. 

Neogard has a special urethane roof coating that is designed to be applied over our spray polyurethane foam.

This unique roofing system costs more (on average, $14 to $16 per square foot) than our standard roofing systems, but it comes with a hail warranty for hail up to 1.75 inches in diameter. The SPF roof can pay for itself in energy savings—in most cases—in less than 5 years.

If working with other companies, you could end up paying anywhere from $16 to $24 per square foot for a high-end roof, and you won’t get that same hail warranty. In addition, it’s not uncommon to wait a long time to get your roof repaired by other roofing companies. 

Some businesses are waiting 6 months or more for roofing materials to come in.

We’re able to apply an SPF roofing system far sooner because we have our roofing materials in stock.

It’s easy to see that the performance and benefits of a DFW Urethane-installed SPF roof with a Neogard urethane coating are more than worth it.

Checked Your Deductible Lately?

Have you checked your insurance deductible lately? Who can afford to pay these deductible prices? You may feel like you don’t even have insurance.

With insurance company premiums and deductibles skyrocketing, owners of commercial buildings in Texas need a roof that will last.

With a DFW Urethane SPF roof and a Neogard urethane coating, you get a roofing system with a great warranty that will last for decades.

This saves you money in the long run. You don’t have to worry about replacing your roof every 5–10 years, and if a severe hail storm hits your area, your roof is strong enough to withstand the storm.

And if it doesn’t? The warranty that comes with a Neogard roofing system will ensure that your roof is replaced without charge.

It’s hard to find a better deal than that in today’s market.

The Benefits of DFW Urethane Roofing Systems Combined with a Neogard Urethane Coating

The physical properties of Neogard’s urethane coating have some of the highest chemical resistance and tensile strengths in the roofing industry. 

Benefits of a DFW Urethane roof coating system include the following:

  • Easy to install over an existing roof 
  • Minimal tear-off when installing over an existing roof
  • Forms a seamless waterproofing membrane 
  • No seams to fail
  • No weak spots
  • Durable
  • Flexible (accommodates thermal expansion and contraction)
  • Able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, including severe hail storms and hurricane-force winds
  • In many cases, it can pay for itself in less than 5 years

What’s unique about Neogard’s urethane coating is that it has significantly stronger physical properties that allow it to resist hailstones up to 1.75 inches. This will keep your roof from leaking even after the most severe hail storms.

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