The foam insulation leader in
Texas and Oklahoma

Trust DFW Urethane to improve the overall performance of your commercial or industrial property with the most energy-efficient, longest-lasting insulation on earth: spray polyurethane foam (SPF). Spray foam adheres and forms seamlessly to walls and ceilings to create a tight seal and insulating barrier. It is affordable, enduring and eco-friendly.

Spray foam has become the standard of excellence in high-tech insulation for architects, builders, contractors, facility managers and building owners around the world. For 60 years, this product has proven its value in preventing and eliminating costly air leaks, essential to maintaining a conditioned environment.

Why spray foam insulation from DFW Urethane is the smart choice:

Reduces energy consumption – Sealing off air infiltration lowers heating and cooling costs. SPF insulation provides an R-Value of 3.6 per inch for open-cell urethane foam and 6.8 per inch for closed-cell urethane foam.

Provides a seamless air barrier – It effectively seals cracks, crevices and seams, providing protection from drafts, air leakage and the elements.

Minimizes sound transmission – Spray-applied foam soundproofs as it insulates. It keeps building interiors quieter and reduces transmission of noise that can disturb other tenants.

Restricts moisture transmission – SPF provides a vapor barrier, decreasing unwanted moisture leaks that promote the growth of mold, mildew or fungus inside walls and ceilings.

Promotes better indoor air quality – Spray foam reduces the levels of airborne pollen, pollution, dust, allergens and odors from outside. It can also be used to encapsulate mold and some types of asbestos, when used in conjunction with remediation.

Maintains building comfort – The foam expands to 120 times its initial volume, filling in holes, gaps and spaces. Without air leaks, cooling and heating equipment doesn’t have to work as hard.

Long-lasting for sustained savings – Unlike conventional insulation, SPF does not shrink, settle, shred or fall off over time. And, it doesn’t attract insects, birds or rodents.

Environmentally friendly – Not only does SPF insulation reduce your carbon footprint, it is safe and contains no formaldehyde or ozone-depleting substances.

The DFW Urethane insulation advantage

DFW Urethane offers a variety of SPF coatings to comply with building codes and government regulations. These include approved thermal and ignition barriers, and USDA- and FDA-approved coatings. What’s more, we work closely with SPF foam manufacturers, who are continually enhancing their products. This allows us to tap added technical expertise and resources in ensuring the best results for our customers.

Learn how DFW Urethane’s 25 years of expertise can help you with: