Roofing Repair and Roof Replacement

Since our founding in 1986, DFW Urethane has installed, repaired and reconstructed hundreds of metal and flat roofs. Our roofing expertise spans all kinds of commercial and industrial environments, and also extends to spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation and sealing services.

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The Best-Kept Secret in Roof Repair—Silicone Roof Coating Systems

The best-kept secret in roof repair, GE’s Enduris™ Silicone Roof Coating System, can:

  • Repair leaks in your roof
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Be applied without having to close your business or tear off your roof
  • Add a GE warranty of up to 20 years to your roof

And do so for less than the cost of a full roof removal and replacement.

The Enduris system is compatible with a variety of commercial flat roofs, including:

  • EDPM
  • Metal
  • Mod-Bit
  • BUR
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

If your repair is covered by insurance, your costs may be completely covered by the insurance payout, even when factoring in the cost of your deductible.

Storm Repair—Immediate, Enduring Protection for Storm-Damaged Roofs

Has your commercial or industrial building been affected by hail, high winds or a hurricane? If you would welcome a better approach to the endless cycle of constant repairs and costly replacement, DFW Urethane has you covered.

Our high-performance retrofit solution will get you back to normal in less time and with less disruption.

Simply patching your existing roof doesn’t address the underlying source of leaks or offer the same benefits. DFW Urethane’s commercial roofs are far more effective. They are a watertight, durable alternative to conventional and rubber roofs that end leaks for good.

And, this advanced retrofit solution significantly increases your commercial roof’s reflectivity.

DFW Urethane Is Your Best Commercial Roofing Resource for Storm Restoration

  • We respond quickly and coordinate with your insurance company.
  • We provide emergency repair services following severe storms to minimize damage to your building.
  • Our insurance industry experts can supply forensic evidence of damage to help you settle your roof claim.
  • Our commercial roofs are faster and easier to install because they can be applied directly over existing roof coverings.
  • There is no need to tear off and dispose of existing roof materials. This minimizes the costs, risk, and disruption associated with removing the roof and rooftop equipment.

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Hail-Resistant Roof Repair or Replacement

DFW Urethane’s hail-resistant commercial roofs offer a long-term solution to hail damage. We can install a commercial roof over your existing roof that is guaranteed to stand up to 1¾” diameter hail. It will also minimize damage from larger-size hail and hurricane-force winds.

Strong, Durable Hail-Resistant Roofs

  • Withstand hail up to 1¾” in diameter without leaking
  • Stretch and move to minimize damage
  • Resist “missile damage” from flying debris
  • Boost structural strength and add rigidity
  • Offer an I-90 wind uplift rating, depending on the roof underneath
  • Deliver greater energy savings when installed with additional foam
  • Are backed by 10-year or 15-year warranties, based on the roof

Our hail-resistant roofs also withstand high winds and hurricane conditions, making them ideal for buildings in coastal areas.

Research-Tested, Storm-Tested for Predictable Performance

Our hail-resistant roofs are the product of extensive research and controlled tests.

When pummeled by oversize hail, our roofs performed the best. DFW Urethane customers who have installed these roofs report excellent results.

When Failure Is Not an Option

Hail causes millions of dollars in roof and property damage every year, driving up insurance deductibles and roof replacement costs. A hail-resistant roof from DFW Urethane is the right solution for your facility.

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Modified Bitumen Retrofit—The Long-Term Solution to Leaking

Modified bitumen (mod-bit) membrane roofs deteriorate over time due to extreme surface temperatures and exposure to ultraviolet light.

Replacement usually requires tearing off the existing roof, which is costly, disruptive and risky, but not with a DFW Urethane roofing solution.

DFW Urethane offers a cost-effective and enduring solution to leaky modified bitumen roofs: a Leak-stopping, high-performance elastomeric coating. The result is an ENERGY STAR® qualified, fully sustainable roof.

A 20-year manufacturer’s warranty is available on this roof.

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Tar and Gravel/BUR Retrofit—End Roof Leaks, Cut Energy Costs for Good

Our roofs provide an enduring solution to the costs and frustration of repeatedly repairing or replacing built-up asphalt or tar-and-gravel roofs.

Not only is it a more effective solution, but a retrofit with our unique solution is far less labor-intensive, costly, or disruptive compared to installing a new tar or asphalt roof.

Our solution can be installed directly over the existing roof, eliminating the hefty costs of removing it and all your rooftop equipment. This also reduces the risks to the building and eliminates the downtime associated with opening the roof.

Our customers have seen energy savings of 33 percent on average. It’s possible to achieve even greater savings.

When our solution is in place, your existing built-up roof may be eligible for LEED certification points.

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Metal Roof Repair or Retrofit

The typical metal roof includes thousands of screws and seams. Here in the Sunbelt, it will endure ongoing cycles of intense heat and cooling, resulting in constant expansion and contraction.

This thermal movement causes fasteners to wear out and seams to leak, creating a never-ending, high-cost maintenance headache.

Our roofing solutions create a lightweight, seamless, watertight seal. The high-performance elastomeric coating reflects light and radiant heat. Roof temperatures become far lower, and your utility bills reduce if the space is air-conditioned.

A Durable Roof With No Downtime for Installation

Applying our roof can extend the life of your existing metal roof. The roof is renewable and is placed over your existing metal roof, avoiding costly tear down and roof removal. There’s no interruption to your business or exposure of building contents.

Added Benefits of Available Roofing Solutions

  • Can significantly increase thermal insulation
  • Easier to maintain a constant, comfortable environment for employees
  • Stops corrosion and building damage
  • Can help soundproof buildings—ideal near highways and airports
  • Boosts structural strength and adds rigidity
  • Provides environmental benefits, including LEED certification points

If your metal roof has skylights, we can replace them or design new skylights to address your needs.

We also offer a complete insulation package that provides a high-tech building envelope.

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