Who’s Really the Expert?

Who’s really the expert? That’s a very good question. You need to know who you’re dealing with when it comes to things like:

  • Coating your roof with silicone
  • Spraying foam on your roof
  • Repairing an existing spray foam roof

You don’t want a company with workers who have been mopping tar or asphalt roof coating all of their lives. How can they be experts if they were introduced to silicone roof coating a year ago? Someone who’s been mopping tar their whole life can’t become an expert in silicone roof coating that fast.

A company that’s been installing TPO and modified bitumen roofing for years is not a company you want to spray foam on your roof. Yet they will say they are the experts because they can easily buy a six-pack of spray foam machines with one-day training that involves them spraying their floor.

To make matters even more unprofessional, material suppliers can easily teach lingo that makes anyone sound like they’ve been putting SPF roofs on for years. 

Try asking these companies to take you around the city to show you projects they’ve installed. They can’t and won’t do it; plain and simple.

At DFW Urethane we only do urethane roofing and very high-tech elastomeric coating systems for our customers. We’ve been doing this since 1986! Ask us to show you our roofs. We have roofs that are 10-36 years old and the work speaks for itself.

After all of these years, we have the same experienced sprayers and salespeople (owner John Ewell and Ben Hurd.) Sit with us for 20 minutes so we can talk about your roof and we can give you a professional opinion on what it needs.

So who’s really the expert? DFW Urethane!

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Since our founding in 1986, DFW Urethane has installed hundreds of commercial roofs. Our roofing expertise spans a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments, and also extends to insulation and sealing services.

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