DFW Urethane Protects Metal Roof from Texas Heat

By DFW Urethane | May 4, 2021

One of the oldest and most well-known steel suppliers in Dallas, Texas was experiencing major roof leaks in their 140,000 square foot warehouse. Over the years, many roofing companies have tried to repair the metal roof using conventional asphalt materials. However, these hopeful repairs didn’t keep the water out for long.John: I’m John Ewell of…

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Ice Dams—What They Are and Why You Should Worry

By DFW Urethane | December 2, 2019

Considering that summer weather lasts roughly half of the year, North Texas business owners easily forget the possibility of cold weather damage to their commercial roofs.  We worry far less about brutal cold, heavy snow, freezing rain, or ice dams than about storm damage caused by hail, torrential rains, or high winds.  When we think…

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Elastomeric Roof Coatings—How They Save You Money

By DFW Urethane | October 22, 2019

If your commercial building’s roof is wearing out due to the harsh North Texas weather conditions, you’re probably a little nervous about the significant cost of replacing it. You may have been trapped in the patch-and-repair cycle for years, which slowly drains you of time and money whenever there’s a heavy rainfall.  However, there is…

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Repairing and Preventing Leaks at the Seams

By DFW Urethane | October 2, 2019

An elastomeric roof coating (also known as a silicone coating) extends the life of your roof in 2 ways.  The coating, which is applied as a liquid, fills in the leaks you already have. It also strengthens and reinforces the leak-prone seams found in every conventional commercial roof. These coatings remain flexible and move with…

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A worker in a neon green t-shirt applies an elastomeric roof coating to a mod bit roof using a spray gun.

Elastomeric Roof Coating—Solving the Mod-Bit Problem

By DFW Urethane | August 20, 2019

A modified bitumen (mod-bit) roofing membrane is one of the most popular commercial roofs available.  They can be costly to install and repair, which makes protecting your investment all the more important. The roof is your building’s main defense against the weather, and, despite their popularity, mod-bit roofs have some serious drawbacks you can mitigate…

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Elastomeric Roof Coatings—Prevention Matters When Severe Weather Strikes

By DFW Urethane | June 13, 2019

Severe storms carrying heavy rain, high winds, and hail are appearing frequently and with little warning as the 2019 North Texas summer gains momentum. Prevention is the key to protecting your business when unpredictable severe weather strikes. Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves unprepared. An elastomeric roof coating may be the solution your aging commercial roof…

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