What People Say

Call John Ewell at DFW Urethane

If you have issues with your existing roof right now—ponding, leaking, deterioration in general—I would recommend calling John Ewell with DFW Urethane and having him come out and give you an estimate.

John Day—Retired Director of Maintenance

Christ for the Nations

No Warranty Claims

We simply haven’t had any warranty claims with DFW Urethane at all. Period.

Mike Steele—President (retired), NEOGARD®

DFW Urethane Has Done an Excellent Job for Us

We needed to come in and put a roof over an old building without tearing the old roof off, and also get the insulation that we needed. DFW Urethane has done an excellent job for us.

Ernie Wright—Retired architect

1.1 Million Square Feet of Trouble-Free Roofing

They have done a fantastic job—they truly have. They stand behind their work. They have been absolutely excellent to work with. When you consider how few calls I get on the 1.1 million square feet of roofing they installed, that’s a high recommendation that what they have done has worked well.

Bob Woodworth—Facilities Engineer

Retired in 2011 from L-3 Communications

Quality That Lasts—33 Years and Counting

Dear DFW Urethane,

We wanted to take the time to let you know how much we believe in your product.

You sprayed the roof of our business in 1986—33 years ago!

We are as pleased today with the results as we were when you first installed it. Not only do we feel that Spray Polyurethane Foam is a great product for commercial use, we were so impressed that we also had it installed in the walls of our personal homes and metal buildings.

Thank you again for providing such a great product! We plan to continue doing business with DFW Urethane for all of our roofing and insulation needs.


Dougherty Brothers Construction, Inc.

Spray Foam Insulation—Lower Temperatures, Reduced Costs, Less Noise

Utility Trailer of Dallas has been using DFW Urethane for close to 35 years to insulate our reefer trailers.

In late 2018, Utility Trailer added an addition to our facility. For this addition, Utility Trailer decided to insulate using 3.5” of closed cell urethane foam (the same foam that’s used in our high performing utility reefer trailers) with a bright white thermal barrier that was applied over the new foam on the walls and ceiling.

We couldn’t be happier! Our two shops are tied together and the new shop has been 20 degrees cooler than the old shop this summer. Plus, with the bright white the lighting in the new shop is much better.

DFW Urethane also insulated our new offices and it is unbelievable how well the foam works. It has cut out 98% of the shop noise and it’s ICE COLD in these offices. The AC units hardly come on; we expect our utility costs to be next to nothing.

We welcome anyone to call us or stop by and we will show you the high-quality work DFW Urethane did for us. We have tried several different spray foam companies in the past and DFW Urethane is worth the wait if you want excellent service and customer service!


Jerry Armitage, Operations Manager

Utility Trailer of Dallas, Inc.

A Long Relationship Based on Customer Service and Satisfaction

I wanted to personally thank DFW Urethane for providing superb service for more than 37 years. Our company has benefitted from your choice of superior products and spray foams in many ways. Your excellent material choices have minimized our electric costs for many years by keeping our building cooler in the heat of the summer. The technical application of your materials has continued to provide first-rate leak protection on a flat roof building that is over 75 years old.

Your company’s customer service is outstanding—second to none. The coordination efforts with other contract service providers, such as mechanical service installations, has always been seamless.

I can’t emphasize enough the outstanding customer service and warranties your company provides.

Again, thank you for being there for us anytime we call on you. We look forward to many more years of service provided by DFW Urethane.


Phillip D. Miller, President

Packing House, Inc.

We knew our new roofs were saving us money—30% on average

“Maintaining a dry and healthy campus is a high priority to us. We’ve been using spray foam commercial roofs installed by DFW Urethane since 1993. They’ve performed very well, and our students and staff enjoy cool, dry classrooms at a lower energy cost. The maintenance department takes care of minor repairs, and DFW Urethane provides great service when a larger job, like resealing a new air conditioner or repairing a roof penetration, is needed.”

Director of Facilities

Parker University of Chiropractic