The Leaking R-Panel Roof

There is a popular low-maintenance metal panel called an R-Panel. Although it may not be discussed as much as other panels, it’s used on many buildings. R-Panel roofing is made up of 36” metal panels. You can recognize them by their raised ribs with flat areas in between them. 

Both residential and commercial buildings use it for roofing. Sometimes it’s used as siding.

We’ve been talking to our customers who have tenants lately about how many tens of thousands of dollars they’ve spent to stop leaks in their aged R-Panel roof. That’s a lot of money to throw at roofing leaks! 

It turns into a nightmare. First you pay someone to remove and replace the rusty screws. They end up using oversized screws to try to fix it. They assure you that it will work, but it doesn’t.

How do our customers figure out the leak wasn’t fixed? You guessed it — when it rains! 

Put yourself in their shoes:

The rain starts, and your phone starts to ring. It’s a phone call you were dreading. It’s your tenants calling about the roof. You are upset and immediately try to reach the person that came over to “fix” it with the oversized screws. They won’t come back over.

To make matters worse, there’s now a warranty on just replacing the screws. You hurry to find another person. When they get there, they examine the panels telling you that they’re broken from foot traffic on the roof. It’s recommended that you get panels with broken ribs replaced.

You agree to have these metal panels replaced, and your new person installs them. You should be good to go right? 

Then comes the rain, and the phone rings! You dread answering it. When you take the call, your tenant is furious, saying that the roof is even worse than before. Their furniture is damaged, their carpet is soaked, the computer is ruined, and worst of all, someone slipped on the wet floor, breaking their hip! 

You may think this is an exaggerated version of what happens, but it isn’t.

You get another roofing person to come over just to tell you there’s no warranty on replacing damaged panels alone.

Then you decide to get an R-Panel expert involved. The expert says to you “It looks like these screws were over-tightened and damaged the rubber washers. It also appears that whoever replaced the broken panels before damaged the panels that weren’t originally broken.”  

This story is a common one.

We’ve heard it a hundred times. Our customers wished they would have found us sooner! You don’t have to experience this nightmare when you work with DFW Urethane from the very start.

Our satisfied customers attest to the fact that we’re the best in the business, and we keep our promises: We guarantee that your roof won’t leak—just ask our customers!

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