Case Studies

Scottish Rite Museum and Library | Commercial Roofing Project | Dallas, Texas

In the spring of 2017, Downtown Dallas was struck by a major storm packing tennis ball-sized hail.

The Scottish Rite Museum and Library, one of the most historic buildings in the area, suffered severe damage to its roof.

DFW Urethane installed that roof in the early 1990s, and it performed extremely well for more than 25 years.

Based on their high level of satisfaction, the Scottish Rite once again hired us to replace the damaged roof.

Scottish Rite 35 (best picture)
Scottish Rite 31

Knowing that the North Texas weather would inevitably bring more severe storms and hail in the years to come, our experts removed the damaged elastomeric coating and installed an upgraded urethane roof that offered higher R-value insulation and a thicker coating for greater protection.

Performing this installation in the Downtown area presented 3 major obstacles that required the highest levels of professional know-how to overcome:

  1. The fragility and historical significance of the building itself meant the greatest care and thorough planning would be required
  2. Business operations needed to continue throughout the teardown and installation
  3. The safety of motorists and pedestrians on the busy streets necessitated the night-time operation of a 290-foot crane and the construction of a safety barrier around the property

Not only were those difficulties handled without incident, but the project was also completed in just 5 weeks (instead of the expected 6 to 8 weeks).

“They’re a great company to work with, and I think we’ve established a friendship that will last a long time.” —Donnie Broughton, General Secretary of the Dallas Scottish Rite

Scottish Rite 8 (Best Pic)
Scottish Rite 19

Anheuser Busch | Commercial Roofing Project | Houston, Texas

Anheuser Busch of St. Louis, Missouri, sought out DFW Urethane to re-roof 100,000 square feet of metal roofing on its bottling plant in Houston.

Halfway through the project, Houston was inundated with a full week of hard rain.

Their warehouse was flooded, ruining their entire inventory of sanitized bottles that were ready to be shipped to their brewery in St. Louis.

Realizing that the portion of the bottling plant that we had already re-roofed had not leaked a single drop, Anheuser Busch asked DFW Urethane to halt work on the original project and undertake emergency repairs on their 150,000-square-foot warehouse facility.

With the addition of the warehouse job, the complete project involved re-roofing a quarter of a million square feet.

The warehouse and the plant were completed as requested, and Anheuser Busch has enjoyed a completely dry warehouse and plant environment ever since.

Texas Instruments | Commercial Roofing Project | Sherman, Texas

Texas Instrument’s Sherman facility, which manufactures semiconductor devices, had an existing SPF roofing system that needed to be renewed. The roof was no longer under warranty, and TI wanted to increase the amount of insulation in the building.

DFW Urethane was contracted by Texas Instruments, with our efforts overseen by Benchmark Consultants.

The project included scarifying (shaving) and recoating the entire roof. This involved removing the elastomeric coating and some of the existing SPF to allow for the application of additional SPF. We then recoated the entire roof with Neogard Permathane II polyurethane elastomeric coating.

A new 10-year leak-proof warranty was issued upon completion.

Norm Francis, the roof consultant from Benchmark who followed the renovation closely, pronounced the project a huge success and welcomed the opportunity to work with us on any future project.

He felt that the resulting roof was better than the original one and complimented DFW Urethane for being easy to work with and highly professional. Since the original project, DFW Urethane has been engaged to re-roof additional roofs at the facility.

CFAN Corporation | San Marcos, Texas | CFAN Corporation

CFAN Corporation is a manufacturer of carbon fiber turbine blades for jet aircraft engines. It operates a 160,000-square-foot facility located between Austin and San Antonio. Its manufacturing process requires strictly controlled temperatures. Cooling this enormous facility was sending their energy costs literally “through the roof.”

The client was contemplating the purchase and installation of additional HVAC units to help address its temperature control challenges. However, that would have only driven its energy costs even higher.

Instead, CFAN selected DFW Urethane to install a new SPF roof over its existing metal roof and help address its energy usage concerns.

Not only has it lowered their energy costs, but it has also provided CFAN with a leak-free environment for years to come.

Grant Insurance | Commercial Roofing Project | Dallas, Texas

Grant Insurance moved into their new building in 1982, but a major hailstorm severely damaged the roof a few short years later.

They needed immediate help to keep their operations running.

Unfortunately, the solution their original contractors provided—a new roof with 4 additional inches of gravel to protect against future damage—threatened the structural integrity of the building itself.

DFW Urethane was hired to provide a resilient, renewable, long-term solution—a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) commercial roof.

During this project, we demonstrated our absolute commitment to quality and customer service by:

  • Providing notifications regarding changes to parking availability
  • Clearing off and hauling away the excess gravel that had been added to the roof
  • Stripping away the old commercial roofing
  • Installing the new roof in a timely and professional manner
  • Cleaning the property to remove any trace of debris
  • Working over the weekend to minimize disruption to business operations
  • Providing a warranty that backed up both our product and our work

It was a huge project, but Grant Insurance’s satisfaction was evident—they have remained our loyal customer ever since.

Over a 20-year span that has included no fewer than 3 major hailstorms, DFW Urethane has continued to provide complete maintenance and repair to ensure trouble-free roofing.

Michael Grant, the owner of Grant Insurance, offered this feedback regarding the expert service he’s received:

“You couldn’t ask for a better company to do the work than DFW Urethane.” 

Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. | Commercial Roofing Project | Dallas, Texas

Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. of Dallas, Texas, has been in business for more than 100 years and has been family owned and operated across 4 generations.

Their facilities were built in 1920 and 1926 using flat tar-and-gravel roofing.

After 90 years of patching and repairing that original roof every time a problem arose, they decided it was time for a new roof—one that offered increased cost performance and protection for their business operations and property.

They reached out in 2011, asking why a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing system installed by DFW Urethane was superior to other methods.

The owner, Ellen Amirkhan, had this to say about her initial consultation:

“(DFW Urethane owner) John Ewell came over and spent a lot of time looking at our situation. We liked his company. It is family-owned, as ours is. They seemed very honest, fair, and down to earth—our kind of contractor.”

The crew from DFW Urethane removed the ancient tar and gravel roof, replacing it with a modern SPF roof, much to the customer’s satisfaction.

Since the installation of the new roof more than a decade ago, DFW Urethane has demonstrated its commitment to backing up its product with excellent maintenance and customer service, as Ms. Amirkhan confirms:

“Through the years, when we have had issues, they have been responsive and taken care of the problem. It’s important that a company responds to repairs as quickly 10 years later as they did initially. 

“In fact, Mr. Ewell was in our neighborhood recently and dropped in for a visit, just to see how we were doing. That’s old school and something that large, anonymous companies don’t do. I recommend DFW Urethane for anyone looking for a new roof.”

Utility Trailer of Dallas, Inc. | Dallas, Texas

Utility Trailer of Dallas, Inc. is a full-service trailer repair shop and authorized distributor for Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company and Clement Industries that has been providing services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than 28 years. 

The growth of their business meant more space was needed in a more advantageous location—a 20,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art facility near the intersection of I-20 and I-45.

The owners knew, however, that climate control and the associated energy costs for the metal structure would be a problem, and DFW Urethane was hired to find the most energy-efficient solution for their needs.

Our experts installed spray foam insulation with an R value of 25 to the walls and ceiling to create a thermal envelope that decreased heat transmission and eliminated air leaks. A white 15-minute thermal barrier, which is required for safety and compliance with fire codes, was then applied over the insulation. 

To finish off the climate control improvement efforts, insulated overhead doors and a pair of 18-foot-diameter ceiling fans were added.

The final result was a comfortable place for employees to work year round. 

Data Warehouse | Dallas, Texas | Roofing Restoration

Our data warehouse roofing restoration project required the highly-qualified professionals at DFW Urethane to bring new life to a large mod-bit roof that had prematurely aged under the harsh North Texas sun.

The brittle, cracked condition of the roofing membrane, complete with splits at the seams and gaps around HVAC fixtures and skylights, made it highly susceptible to leaks—an excellent candidate for the GE silicone roof coating.

The first step in this roof restoration was to power wash the surface of the existing roof to remove all debris.

Once the surface was fully prepared, we treated the laps and seams in the cracking surface of the mod-bit roof with a heavy base coat of the silicone product—approximately 40mm.

Once the base coat had dried, our crew applied the remaining layers to complete the restoration.

The final result meant an end to the patch-and-repair cycle common to worn out mod-bit roofs, overall protection against future leaks, and drastically improved reflectability and energy efficiency. 

First Baptist Dallas | Commercial Roofing Project | Dallas, Texas

In June 2019, a month filled with severe storms and heavy rainfall across North Texas, First Baptist Dallas experienced significant roof leaks that disrupted operations and caused damage to their facilities.

DFW Urethane was hired to assess the damage and come up with a solution that not only repaired the leaking roof and prevented future problems, but also maintained the beautiful appearance of the church building itself.

We installed a high-performance elastomeric coating that successfully:

  • Sealed the faults in the leaky roof
  • Increased severe weather protection
  • Enhanced reflectivity and lowered cooling costs

Additionally, we color-matched the overlay to prevent altering the building’s appearance.

We also expertly matched the color of the trim that seals the edges of the coating membrane to the roof deck, giving the entire project an appealing, finished look.

First Baptist Dallas expressed their deep satisfaction with the results of the installation but were even more impressed with our level of communication as we worked around unpredictable weather conditions throughout the project.

TAMKO Industries | Dallas, Texas

Tamko contacted DFW Urethane to replace the old roofs on its manufacturing facility. The roofing project was intended to address a variety of problems related to continuous additions to the original buildings over the last 30 years.

Conventional roofing solutions had proven unable to maintain comfortable conditions within the ever-expanding workspace, with extreme heat coming through the roof deck.

Also, extreme changes in temperature over the years caused repeated expansion and contraction of the building, compounding wear and tear over time. The conventional roof’s seams began to fail.

TAMKO found itself in a situation where keeping the production lines dry and operating had become a substantial headache.

DFW Urethane provided the facility with a comfortable, leak-resistant environment for the first time in years.

Roof Restoration in Dallas | Elementary School

In May of 2014, the historical Lipscomb Elementary School, constructed in the 1920s, was hit with large, over-sized hail. They needed a roofing company in Dallas skilled in roof restoration, and they needed one fast.

The building’s tar-and-gravel roof could not hold up to the severity of the hail storm. In addition, the building was very difficult to heat and cool. In March of 2016, DISD chose to install an SPF roof.

A Dallas Landmark Brought Back From the Brink

Once DFW Urethane began the process of installing the SPF roof, all materials used were kept in a temperature controlled environment. DFW Urethane worked diligently with DISD’s roofing consultant to ensure all requirements and procedures were met.

During the installation of Lipscomb’s new roof, the weather forecast called for rain almost every day. DFW Urethane relied on a psychrometer for accurate weather and humidity assessment.

An SPF Roof

The first step in applying a DFW Urethane SPF roof is to vacuum all of the loose rock and dirt from the existing roof surface, followed by a visual inspection to insure no blisters or uncured plastic cement remain. 

A black primer is applied to the entire roof. The dark color collects heat on the surface, which helps to dry rain or early morning dew. Once the surface is warm and dry, the high compressive spray polyurethane foam is applied to the complete roof—extra thickness added in low areas susceptible to ponding. 

A/C curbs and parapet walls are sealed tightly. Light sanding or grinding around roof drains and in front of drain scuppers to ensure a smooth transition for the rain water to flow off. 

A Quick Roof Restoration Project to Meet an Emergency Need

The roof is now ready for the elastomeric coating system, which, on the Lipscomb Elementary School project, went on in four separate coats. The bright white top coat was broadcasted with a white granule while wet, which adds additional protection against hail and UV rays and makes SPF roofs the most energy-efficient option available.

The entire SPF roof was installed in less than 20 days, as opposed to a conventional tar roof that would have taken 60 days.

L-3 Communications

“I was originally hired by E-Systems (L-3’s predecessor) in February of 1981. As Maintenance Manufacturing Liaison Representative, I estimated electrical and support equipment, design work, and related projects, so I was involved in many, many aspects of facilities operations.

“However, for at least 20 of those years, anytime there was a roof leak or any roof problems, they automatically came to me. About half of the roofs are plain, standing-seam metal with no coating, but we also had some hot tar built-up roofs, and one or two small membrane roofs.

“Before I went to work there, in the late 70s, E-Systems actually purchased SPF application equipment, and our own people applied SPF to several roofs. The results were not that super, and then, probably 25 years ago, I started working with my first SPF contractor.

“In addition to foam’s waterproofing qualities, we used it to bridge bad spots on metal roofs and for its insulation value. Using a three-pound density SPF adds structural strength. Also, as computers became more prevalent, we realized that the heat load from all the electronics in one building exceeded the ability of the air conditioning system.

“So, about 20 years ago, we added two inches of foam to the roof—not due to a leak, but for the insulation value alone. To this day, the chillers in that building have been able to keep up with the heat load.

“Unfortunately, with our prior foam contractor’s roof, we had a huge problem with blistering, which can happen if the spray foam is not applied correctly. After working with them for a while—and when we slowed up on new projects—getting a warranty repair was becoming more and more difficult. In addition, the topcoat that the previous vendor had been using oxidized. It was not sun resistant; it would actually degrade over time, so that obviously left an unhappy feeling.”

Superior Application Methodology and People

“What makes the biggest difference in the quality of an SPF roof is the methodology of application. When you’re up on a roof, you can see whether it’s nice and smooth—or that it’s rough—and that’s totally in the realm of application.

“The equipment and the methodology are huge factors in foam application, and that’s where John and his guys excel. Their methodology is superior to any other—and they remain the only company using that methodology to ensure the proper mix. They do it the way it’s supposed to be done.

“What’s more, SPF is climate-sensitive, and this was a 15-month project that spanned all four seasons. So, DFW Urethane worked hand-in-hand with BASF, the SPF manufacturer, throughout the job. They purchased SPF for the job multiple times during the project so that it would be adjusted for the specific season.

“In addition, BASF sent out 2 men to the job site at least monthly to evaluate how things were going. John also gave similar attention to the topcoat from Neogard, which had representatives come out regularly to make sure it was being applied properly.

“L-3 is a secured facility, so anyone with access has to have a clean record, with no felonies or other major marks against them. But, you have to see how they conduct themselves on the job—that’s where pride and personal ethics come into play. John’s crews are good people and consistently did good work.

“I’ve hired lots of contractors in 30 years, and you develop an eye for workmanship and standards. Some of them you just don’t want around, while others you welcome in. John’s crews were always welcome.”

DFW Urethane Starts a New Chapter

“In 2003, we had a hailstorm come through which negated any warranty. That’s when we decided to start fresh. We had to get competitive bids on everything we did, and with John Ewell’s winning bid on one of the buildings, we got involved with DFW Urethane.

“John, his partner Ben Hurd, and their installer, James Webb, all do excellent work—their quality is fantastic. When they spray the foam on, it’s nice and smooth. When I retired, L-3 Communications had upwards of 8 years with their application, and the only blistering we had was due to the previous contractor’s work. There was not one blister on a roof in the whole facility where DFW Urethane did the original work. They did an excellent job.”


“DFW Urethane is extremely responsive. If I called in something on a Tuesday and the weather was good, they’d be there that afternoon. If the weather wasn’t perfect, they’d come later in the week and take care of whatever I had called in. And, the truth was, probably 80% of the leaks they fixed weren’t their problem—but they took care of them anyway.

“They have done a fantastic job—they truly have. They stand behind their work; they have been absolutely excellent to work with. Obviously there are other contractors that I’ve worked with that have done well, but I guarantee you none has ever surpassed John’s crew. He and his group are right there at the top of all the contractors that I’ve ever worked with. When you consider how few calls I get on the 1.1 million square feet of roofing they installed, that’s a high recommendation that what they have done has worked well.”

When Selecting a Contractor: get a recommendation and then investigate

“My advice for those who are considering SPF roofing and hiring an SPF contractor is to get a recommendation and then investigate. Look into their equipment; look into their crew; go to a job where they’re actually working. Spend the time, go out and see who’s doing the work and what their workmanship is like.

“Competitive bidding is always appropriate, because when you don’t competitive bid, the price tends to increase. But consider each company’s methodology, follow-up, and warranty. DFW Urethane is definitely competitive. Some SPF roofing people may give a lower bid, but you get less for it—lower quality and inferior application.”

Dawson Geophysical Company

Dawson Geophysical Company, founded in 1952, is the leading seismic acquisition company in the lower 48 states. The Midland facility was built in 1981 and purchased by Dawson in 1995.

A hail storm with severe winds in 2009 left the metal roof of the facility with numerous leaks. These leaks were everywhere—a serious problem for the safety-conscious management team when leaking water pooled on the shop floor.

The plant also suffered from blistering heat in the summer.

John Brideweser of Dawson Geophysical Company contracted DFW Urethane to install an SPF roof over the existing roof. Despite unexpected heavy rains and high winds, DFW Urethane finished the entire job within the projected three-week time period.

"The Delivered More Than They Promised"

“The DFW Urethane staff was very easy to work with, very courteous and professional,” Brideweser said. “They made sure that any concerns or questions were taken care of, and we are very happy with them and their work. They delivered more than they promised.”


Since the re-roofing project was completed, the facility has experienced no roof leaks—and we have noticed a cooler ambient air temperature throughout the facility, even with summer heat reaching 105 degrees outside.

“I would definitely recommend DFW Urethane to others with roof issues,” says Brideweser. “They get an A+ for the project.”