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Leak-free Roofing

Elastomeric Roof Coatings—Prevention Matters When Severe Weather Strikes

A worker wearing gray protective clothing sprays on an elastomeric roof coating, which protects roofs from severe weather damage.

Severe storms carrying heavy rain, high winds, and hail are appearing frequently and with little warning as the 2019 North Texas summer gains momentum. Prevention is the key to protecting your business when unpredictable severe weather strikes. Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves unprepared. An elastomeric roof coating may be the solution your aging commercial roof…

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Leaking Roof? Repair or Recoat It With a Spray Polyurethane Foam System for Long-Lasting Protection From Leaks Which Can Occur From Hail and Wind Damage

Leaking roof replacement by DFW Urethane — man spraying SPF on a roof

If the roof of your commercial building has a leak, you have a problem — a major one. Texas Roofs — Unique Problems in a Unique Climate In Texas, roofs have a unique environment to contend with, and normal wear and tear, combined with heavy, damaging UV rays, a wide range of hot and cold temperatures…

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Roofs That Just Can’t Leak!

Pictured is a commercial roof that is covered in a white elastomeric coating for TPO roofs.

DFW Urethane works with a lot of customers whose building roofs simply cannot leak. A roof failure that causes water to pour in can ruin expensive equipment, raw materials or work in progress, putting people and operations at risk. If there are puddles inside every time it rains, you’ve got safety hazards and liability issues.…

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