If You Have a Leaky Rubber Roof, Coating Options Could Prevent Costly Replacement

Before you make the really expensive decision to replace your commercial EPDM or rubber roof, you might want to consider an alternative — when it comes to rubber roofs, coating options are available that could help cover some of the inherent shortcomings of these roofing systems and extend the life of your existing roof.


The Advantages of Rubber Roofing Systems

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. This material is often simply called “rubber roofing” in our industry. As a commercial roofing product, it’s intended for low-slope roofs on non-residential buildings.

EPDM’s high resistance to wind damage is one of its primary advantages. Some high-end systems are designed to meet stringent wind uplift criteria.

Rubber roofing systems also stand up to hail damage well, except at those natural weak points — the seams.

The main advantage of rubber roofing systems is cost. Rubber roofing is one of the most economical commercial roofing systems around.

There Are Always Disadvantages

Whatever material you use, there are going to be drawbacks.

Let’s face it: Rubber products and severe heat just don’t get along, and there’s no shortage of heat and intense sunlight here in North Texas.Rubber-Roof-Coating-Image-4

For starters, most EPDM roofing systems are black or dark gray. That means more heat is absorbed, and a higher temperature is not what you, as a business owner who’s responsible for utility costs, would prefer.

Extreme heat also causes your building to expand during the day. Then, as temperatures fall overnight, your building contracts. In fact, temperatures can fluctuate as much as 100 degrees in a single day.

As this shifting and flexing is repeated day after day, year after year, it strains your rubber roof at the seams and connective joints around fixtures, and that can cause them to split or crack.

You can probably guess what happens when the next heavy rainstorm hits… those seams are precisely where you’re going to find your worst leaks.

Want to Revitalize Your Failing Rubber Roof? A Coating May Be the Answer

So, you’re getting leaks in your aging rubber roof — what now?

Elastomeric coatings, such as the GE Enduris™ Silicone Roof Coating System, are fantastic options to revitalize your roof and save money without the heavy investment of a commercial roof replacement.

Coatings Repair Minor Damage to Your Old Rubber Roof

First off, elastomeric coatings cover the leaky weaknesses in your current roofing system with a seamless membrane to stop the moisture from ruining your insulation and leaking into your ceiling and then down into your workspace.

In other words, if you already have water coming through that old rubber roof, a coating can help you solve the immediate crisis.

Elastomeric Coatings Reduce Cooling Costs

Second, coatings are intended to increase reflectivity.

If you’ve been paying for utilities in a building that has a black EPDM roof for any length of time, you know precisely how painful a lack of reflectivity can be.

North Texas summer months can kill your utility budget, but the reflectivity of a properly installed elastomeric coating can make a significant dent in the money you have to pay for utilities each month.

Save Even More By Reducing Air Leaks

Third, the addition of a properly installed elastomeric coating creates a sealed envelope that drastically slows air flow and heat conduction by creating proper insulation.Rubber-Roof-Coating-Image-2

Temperature regulation adds up to tremendous cost — if you can keep the air from escaping, air you’ve already paid to heat or cool, you save money.

Save Your Rubber Roof — A Coating Gives Your Roof New Life

When your rubber roof is costing you too much in spot repairs and wasted utility expenses, it’s time to consider your options — you have other choices beyond repair and replace.

There’s a third solution that could take care of the problems you’re experiencing with your aging rubber roof — a coating seals existing leaks, reinforces weakend seams, and drastically increases reflectivity to save you money on energy costs.

The GE Enduris™ Silicone Roof Coating System could work for a variety of roofing systems. Whether you have a TPO, PVC, or rubber roof, an elastomeric coating can save you serious money over replacement, and it can even stop the cycle of constant repair you may be in.

Learn more about rubber roof coatings and the GE Enduris™ Silicone Roof Coating System by downloading our PDF on the subject — click here.

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