DFW Urethane Restores Mod-Bit Roof in French Settlement

This large warehouse located in Dallas, Texas, was suffering from several leaks due to a 20-year old mod-bit roof that was failing at the seams. DFW Urethane installed a cost-effective silicone coating system directly over the existing roof.

We have blown the roof off, got all the trash and debris off it, the loose granules, and pre-soak the roof with Everest cleaner. Now, we’re coming back and we’re doing the wash part of it, trying to get it all cleaned up ready to put the base coat on.

This section has already been washed, primed, and we’ve done the seams once and put on the-the GE base coat.

After the tan-based coat has cured, all seams and flashing are reinspected. A heavy coat of white silicone is then applied directly over the base coat. The silicone coating system is 100% seamless, making it the ideal solution for older failing mod-bit roofs, TPO roofing systems, and even standing seam metal roofs.

We wanna know how much money we’re putting on, coming to dry mills. We’ve got a third-party inspector coming to inspect this roof. We can do this on the roof that we do not have a third-party inspection. It apparently stuck pretty good, I’m having a little trouble getting this thing off there.

DFW Urethane can provide up to 20-year manufacturer warranties upon request. If your roof is having leaking issues, please call DFW Urethane at 972-222-8462 or visit our website at www.DFWUrethane.com.