DFW Urethane Restores Roof on University of Dallas’ Cowan-Blakely Memorial Library

The University of Dallas Cowan Blakely Memorial Library was established in 1962 and is well known for its commitments to the ideals of learning at the university.

This library was built with a flat tar and gravel roof. Over the years, the tar and gravel material has deteriorated. And in many places, when it rains, would pond with more than 5 inches of water.

Roofing consultant, Luke Vermeulen, and the University were in agreement that it was time for a change. They contracted with DFW Urethane to restore the prestigious library. The process started by overlaying 80% of the roof with three inches of ISO board to ensure the roof would maintain a flat surface.

DFW Urethane then applied two inches of spray polyurethane foam. Once the polyurethane coat was complete, they began the three-coat system process using Everest high-tensile materials. Not only that, when they applied the average five inches of foam, they added an additional R32 insulation value.

To finish off the restoration, the building was coated with the third and final light tan reflective coat designed for energy and cost savings.

Luke Vermeulen was very pleased with the outcome of the Cowan Blakely Memorial Library roof restoration.

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