Leaking roof replacement by DFW Urethane — man spraying SPF on a roof

Leaking Roof? Repair or Recoat It With a Spray Polyurethane Foam System for Long-Lasting Protection From Leaks Which Can Occur From Hail and Wind Damage

By DFW Urethane | November 29, 2016

If the roof of your commercial building has a leak, you have a problem — a major one. Texas Roofs — Unique Problems in a Unique Climate In Texas, roofs have a unique environment to contend with, and normal wear and tear, combined with heavy, damaging UV rays, a wide range of hot and cold temperatures…

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wind damage roof repair man applying spray polyurethane foam

Air sealing, weatherization boost energy efficiency and comfort

By DFW Urethane | November 1, 2014

In fall 2012, DFW Urethane was brought in by a hotel construction specialist on the renovation of an older hotel in a Gulf Coast-area entertainment district. The multi-story, 200-room luxury hotel had sustained exterior and interior storm damage earlier in the year, and needed to be ready to welcome guests by mid-January. The hotel construction…

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A man spraying polyurethane foam, the best insulation to reduce utility bills, onto the roof of a commercial building. The sun is setting in the background.

Reroof the energy-wise way – and see more green

By DFW Urethane | September 1, 2014

Today, all aspects of building are becoming more energy-wise. The lighting industry actively promotes changing to LED and CFL light bulbs. More efficient HVAC systems deliver greater energy savings with higher SEER ratings. And new energy-efficient windows reduce radiant heat and leakage of conditioned air. All of those strategies are great for residential buildings, but…

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