wind damage roof repair man applying spray polyurethane foam

Air sealing, weatherization boost energy efficiency and comfort

By DFW Urethane | November 1, 2014

In fall 2012, DFW Urethane was brought in by a hotel construction specialist on the renovation of an older hotel in a Gulf Coast-area entertainment district. The multi-story, 200-room luxury hotel had sustained exterior and interior storm damage earlier in the year, and needed to be ready to welcome guests by mid-January. The hotel construction…

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A man spraying polyurethane foam, the best insulation to reduce utility bills, onto the roof of a commercial building. The sun is setting in the background.

Reroof the energy-wise way – and see more green

By DFW Urethane | September 1, 2014

Today, all aspects of building are becoming more energy-wise. The lighting industry actively promotes changing to LED and CFL light bulbs. More efficient HVAC systems deliver greater energy savings with higher SEER ratings. And new energy-efficient windows reduce radiant heat and leakage of conditioned air. All of those strategies are great for residential buildings, but…

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See More “Green” With Energy-Efficient Roofing!

By DFW Urethane | May 1, 2014

For years now, we’ve heard from customers who have discovered a byproduct of their spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofs: shrinking utility bills. When they hired us to spray their roofs, they were just focused on eliminating the water leaks that put their building’s contents and occupants at risk. The subsequent energy savings have been an…

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Ice dam solutions — SPF roofing systems provide insulation that can prevent ice dams

Sustained Performance: SPF Roofing and Insulation

By DFW Urethane | March 1, 2014

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is the highest-performing material available today for commercial roofing and building insulation. It consists of sprayed insulating foam that is applied as a liquid and expands to many times its original volume. Because it is made of closed-cell polyurethane, the foam is impermeable by water or moisture. SPF insulation couples a…

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Pictured is a commercial roof that is covered in a white elastomeric coating for TPO roofs.

Roofs That Just Can’t Leak!

By DFW Urethane | December 30, 2013

DFW Urethane works with a lot of customers whose building roofs simply cannot leak. A roof failure that causes water to pour in can ruin expensive equipment, raw materials or work in progress, putting people and operations at risk. If there are puddles inside every time it rains, you’ve got safety hazards and liability issues.…

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