Spray Foam Roofing Survives Severe Hurricane Conditions

By DFW Urethane | February 13, 2018

Although major hurricanes like Katrina, Ivan, Ike, Rita, and the most recent one that raged through Puerto Rico, Maria, leave unbelievable damage in their wakes, spray foam roofing is proving through each storm event that it can survive these unbelievable conditions. That means spray foam roofing (also called spray polyurethane foam, or SPF),  may be…

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A man in a white T shirt applies spray foam to a commercial roof. Spray foam also is used for building insulation, providing superior R value compared to traditional insulation.

Foam Insulation and R-Value — A False Measurement

By DFW Urethane | November 16, 2017

When asked to insulate commercial buildings, we often recommend SPF (spray polyurethane foam) insulation. R-value, the commercial rating for insulation, isn’t the reason. R-value is an out-of-date calculation originally meant to rate the efficiency of insulation products and was adopted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to protect consumers against false sales claims. Foam Insulation…

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White spray foam that has been applied to a flat commercial roof. SPF is well known to survive disaster conditions.

In the Face of Disaster, Texas Stands Together

By DFW Urethane | October 17, 2017

Thanks to our great team of employees, customers, suppliers, friends, and people who just wanted to help, we are going to be able to help the people in Orange, TX affected by Hurricane Harvey and make a positive impact in their lives. Thanks to their generous donations of time, money, and resources, here’s what we’re…

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The roof of a large commercial building is covered in spray foam, which also provides excellent insulation for metal buildings.

Insulation for Metal Buildings — Getting Control of the Temperature

By DFW Urethane | October 13, 2017

Let’s talk about insulation for metal buildings. Cooling and energy costs are certainly cause for concern in this part of the country, where we have a lot of direct sunlight and triple-digit temperatures — insulation for metal buildings is important for many homes and businesses. You might think that extreme heat and sun would ruin…

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Lipscomb Elementary Roof Restoration Flyover

Roof Restoration in Dallas — Elementary School

By DFW Urethane | August 31, 2017

In May of 2014, the historical Lipscomb Elementary School, constructed in the 1920s, was hit with large, over-sized hail — they needed a roofing company in Dallas skilled in roof restoration, and they needed one fast. The building’s tar-and-gravel roof system could not hold up to the severity of the impact. In addition, the building…

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