Roof Restoration in Dallas — Elementary School

In May of 2014, the historical Lipscomb Elementary School, constructed in the 1920s, was hit with large, over-sized hail — they needed a roofing company in Dallas skilled in roof restoration, and they needed one fast.

The building’s tar-and-gravel roof system could not hold up to the severity of the impact.

In addition, the building was very difficult to heat and cool.

In March of 2016, DISD chose to install an SPF roof system.

Roof Restoration — A Dallas Landmark Brought Back From the Brink

Lipscomb Elementary Roof Restoration Flyover

Once DFW Urethane began the process of installing the SPF roof system, all materials used were kept in a temperature controlled environment.

Also, DFW Urethane worked diligently with DISD’s roofing consultant to ensure all requirements and procedures were met.

Lipscomb Elementary Roof Restoration Completed

During the time of installing Lipscomb’s new roof, the weather forecast called for rain almost each and every day.

DFW Urethane relied on a psychrometer for accurate weather and humidity assessment.

Roof Restoration — An SPF Roofing System

Lipscomb Elementary Roof Restoration Project Meeting

The first step in applying a DFW Urethane SPF roof system is to remove all of the  loose dirt and gravel from the existing roof, then apply the high-quality sprayed polyurethane foam.

Once the foam has set, then it is necessary to carve pathways leading to each drain on the roof for the water to run.

Meanwhile, on ground level, the DFW Urethane team prepares for the first layer of the elastomeric coating for application.

Once the first layer of the rubber coating has been applied to all areas of the roof, the second layer of elastomeric coating will be applied after the first coat dries.

A Quick Roof Restoration Project to Meet an Emergency Need

Lipscomb Elementary Roof Restoration Supplies

Before applying the third and last topcoat, the DFW Urethane team used powerful airblowers to dry the roof after a nightly rainfall.

Last but not least, DFW Urethane begins to install the final white elastomeric coating topped with white granules which adds additional strength for hail and extra UV protection, making the SPF roof system the most energy-efficient roof available.

Lipscomb Elementary Roof Restoration in Progress

The entire SPF roof system was installed turnkey in less than 20 days, as opposed to a conventional tar roof that would have taken 60 days.

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