A Long Relationship Based on Customer Service and Satisfaction

I wanted to personally thank DFW Urethane for providing superb service for more than 37 years. Our company has benefitted from your choice of superior products and spray foams in many ways. Your excellent material choices have minimized our electric costs for many years by keeping our building cooler in the heat of the summer. The technical application of your materials has continued to provide first-rate leak protection on a flat roof building that is over 75 years old.

Your company’s customer service is outstanding—second to none. The coordination efforts with other contract service providers, such as mechanical service installations, has always been seamless.

I can’t emphasize enough the outstanding customer service and warranties your company provides.

Again, thank you for being there for us anytime we call on you. We look forward to many more years of service provided by DFW Urethane.


Phillip D. Miller, President

Packing House, Inc.