New Construction

Maximum energy savings – multiple advantages

Reduce upfront costs and gain ongoing savings

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation is the optimal choice for new construction projects. Professionally applied by DFW Urethane, it delivers immediate and sustained savings on utility costs while strengthening the building structure. SPF insulation creates an unmatched seamless air seal, while also providing thermal, vapor and sound barriers. It requires minimal drying time, so you can install sheetrock within minutes of spraying.

SPF insulation is safe, environmentally friendly, versatile and effective at low and high temperatures. By preventing energy loss, it enables HVAC systems to operate more efficiently. In fact, the ability to seal the building lowers construction costs by reducing AC tonnage or eliminating unnecessary units.

Additional benefits for new construction:

  • High R-value per inch
  • Cleaner buildings – dirt, dust, allergens and contaminants stay outside
  • Comfort for occupants – conditioned air can’t escape; no drafts
  • Fumes and smells don’t permeate insulated walls or affect adjacent spaces
  • Excellent soundproofing – enjoy quieter interiors and keep noise from disturbing other tenants
  • Foam stays put – no sagging, settling or potentially irritating airborne particles
  • Contribution of LEED credits for sustainable, green construction

Unlike other types of insulation, sprayed foam seals the holes and gaps created during construction and areas that otherwise can’t be plugged: wall cavities, laps in sheet metal, fine cracks in bricks, spaces under doors, and gaps around electrical boxes, water and gas lines. This keeps cold air from blowing in, and protects the building from radiant heat as well as ongoing cycles of expansion and contraction, as extreme temperatures can’t transfer through foam.

More than 25 years of insulation leadership

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