Elastomeric Roof Coatings—How They Save You Money

If your commercial building’s roof is wearing out due to the harsh North Texas weather conditions, you’re probably a little nervous about the significant cost of replacing it. You may have been trapped in the patch-and-repair cycle for years, which slowly drains you of time and money whenever there’s a heavy rainfall.  However, there is…

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Repairing and Preventing Leaks at the Seams

An elastomeric roof coating (also known as a silicone coating) extends the life of your roof in 2 ways.  The coating, which is applied as a liquid, fills in the leaks you already have. It also strengthens and reinforces the leak-prone seams found in every conventional commercial roof. These coatings remain flexible and move with…

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Elastomeric Roof Coating—Solving the Mod-Bit Problem

A worker in a neon green t-shirt applies an elastomeric roof coating to a mod bit roof using a spray gun.

A modified bitumen (mod-bit) roofing membrane is one of the most popular commercial roofs available.  They can be costly to install and repair, which makes protecting your investment all the more important. The roof is your building’s main defense against the weather, and, despite their popularity, mod-bit roofs have some serious drawbacks you can mitigate…

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Elastomeric Coatings—Get the Most From Your TPO Roofing System

TPO roofing systems are among the most popular choices for commercial buildings, but we are starting to see some premature wearing of the top layer of the thermoplastic. Many of the raw materials are coming from China. With the shortages worldwide, we only hope that they will continue to use the highest quality raw materials…

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Proper Edge Detail Is Critical on All Commercial Roofs

Wind is a big deal for residents of North Texas and Oklahoma. People in our region love telling stories of historic tornadoes or big storms with serious, straight winds. It’s almost a point of pride that we live in such adverse conditions without flinching. Unfortunately, for local commercial building owners, wind is a very real…

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The Best Insulation to Reduce Your Utility Bills

Worker applies closed cell spray foam to the flat roof of a commercial building

There have been many days above 105 degrees this summer, and it’s only going to get worse… That makes this fall your opportunity to consider better insulation to reduce your utility bills. It’s a great investment for the future. If you’re like many business owners, you’ve probably been taking a hard look at your electric…

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Closed Cell Spray Foam Fights the Summer Heat

A man spraying polyurethane foam, the best insulation to reduce utility bills, onto the roof of a commercial building. The sun is setting in the background.

Summer is here again, and temperatures have already climbed to extreme highs — do you have energy-saving closed cell spray foam roofing and insulation installed at your commercial building? You should — I’ll explain. The harsh summer conditions of North Texas mean the utility costs for energy consumption are skyrocketing as you attempt to keep…

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Spray Foam Roofing Survives Severe Hurricane Conditions

Although major hurricanes like Katrina, Ivan, Ike, Rita, and the most recent one that raged through Puerto Rico, Maria, leave unbelievable damage in their wakes, spray foam roofing is proving through each storm event that it can survive these unbelievable conditions. That means spray foam roofing (also called spray polyurethane foam, or SPF),  may be…

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