Performance without peer

Lower costs over the long haul

In 2004, a life cycle cost analysis performed by commercial roofing consultant Michelsen Technologies demonstrated that over a 30-year lifespan, spray polyurethane roof systems cost 10 to 50 percent less, on average, than comparably insulated membrane roof systems.

SPF roofing simply offers the best value around. Consider these added advantages:

  • Seamless – SPF is a seamless, airtight, waterproof system that eliminates leaks.
  • Self-flashing – Spray-in-place polyurethane foam conforms and adheres to virtually any structure or surface, including metal, wood and concrete.  This contrasts with asphalt tar and gravel, and EPDM and single-ply rubber roofing, all of which require the addition of flashings after the roofing is installed.
  • Lightweight – At one-tenth the weight of conventional roofing systems, SPF systems are ideal for re-roofing or retrofit roofing projects.
  • Insulating – SPF roofing has the highest “R” value – 6.88 – providing more thermal resistance of any roofing product on the market. DFW Urethane customers have banked 30 percent savings on their utility costs.
  • No ponding water – Spray-in-place polyurethane foam roofing allows for sloping, which minimizes water ponding on flat roofs.
  • Versatile – Spray polyurethane foam is ideal for new roofs, reroofing projects, flat roofs, and for pitched, domed, metal, wood and concrete roofs.
  • Water- and airtight – The closed cell structure of polyurethane foam resists penetration of water and air on commercial metal roofing, flat roofs, and exterior and interior walls.
  • Strong – Despite its light weight, polyurethane foam is extremely strong and does not pack down or sag. Our urethane roofing system offers a compressive strength of 50 PSI.
  • Flexible – SPF expands and contracts without affecting its ability to protect the structure from outside elements.
  • Long life – Foam roofs last indefinitely, providing a smart, enduring investment. Unlike other roof systems that must be completely removed and replaced, SPF roofs can be repaired using a caulk gun or with recoating.
  • Easily applied – SPF roofing can be installed quickly with little or no disruption to your business.
  • Cooler and energy efficient – On a 90-degree day, the surface temperature of a spray foam roof is only 120 degrees, compared to a blistering 200 degrees for traditional roofing systems, reducing your building cooling costs.
  • Warranties – 5-, 10- and 15-year warranties are available on most roofs; a 15-year hail-proof warranty is also available for specific roofing projects.

An insulating powerhouse

Spray foam is one of the most advanced insulation and building envelope systems on the market today. Covered with a white or other light-reflecting elastomeric coating, it’s the hardest-working roofing system around. SPF insulation combines a high R-value and air infiltration control, essential to achieving energy efficiency. Its tight air seal protects buildings and their occupants from moisture, extreme temperatures, noise and contaminants.