Quality and Safety

End-to-end quality control

Quality control is fundamental to every DFW Urethane roofing project – and a big reason why we consistently deliver superior performance. Providing a leak-free roofing system that endures for decades with minimal maintenance depends on four key factors:

  • The quality of the spray foam and coating materials
  • The equipment used to apply them
  • The environment in which materials are kept and used
  • The expertise of the technicians who perform the work

DFW Urethane excels in every one of these areas. Add in 30-plus years of experience working with spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and there’s no comparison to other systems or contractors.

Proven materials

We are highly selective in the materials we use. Not every contractor uses the same caliber of roofing products. What’s more, we work closely with SPF manufacturers to performance test their latest products, so we’re ahead of the curve on the latest innovations and know what works best in any given situation. As certified SPF contractors, we follow manufacturer recommendations and implement other steps to ensure that every SPF roof we install is the best quality.

State-of-the-art equipment

DFW Urethane’s spray equipment is the best on the market and time-tested. It is continually monitored by our technicians to dispense the correct ratio of polyurethane materials at the right temperature, essential to spraying the smoothest polyurethane foam. DFW Urethane technicians use specialized implements to make sure the foam layer is applied to a consistent thickness.

Optimum storage and working environment

The SPF material must be kept within a tightly controlled range of temperatures and humidity to achieve the right mix, texture and fluidity of product when applied. In fact, if humidity is high and the roof surface is too wet when polyurethane foam is applied, the material is ruined. That’s why DFW Urethane has state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled trailers with sealed, SPF-insulated tanks to maintain materials at their peak performance. And, we use wet bulb thermometers to determine humidity, making sure that foam and coatings are applied in the correct conditions, which will vary by the time of year, time of day and geographic area.

Expertise and oversight

Our technicians have been with us for many years. They are highly experienced, knowledgeable and committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence. Our staff also undergoes ongoing training – at DFW Urethane, and through our product manufacturers and industry associations – to ensure we stay at the top of our game.

A DFW Urethane owner is always on the job site to ensure the highest standards of excellence and safety. This also makes it easy for our clients to get quick answers to their questions while keeping the lines of communication open.

On complex projects, we create a management plan that outlines the implementation and details what to expect during each phase. Mapping out the project allows us to anticipate and address previously unforeseen issues. In addition, it helps facility managers communicate with others in their organization as necessary.

Virtually all projects are performed by in-house DFW Urethane employees, which ensures that we uphold the highest levels of performance. On the rare occasions when we need to bring in subcontractors, you can be confident that they are well-qualified and closely supervised to maintain project quality.

Strong focus on safety

Safety is always a top priority with DFW Urethane. Every project is unique, so each job is analyzed individually to determine the necessary steps to achieve a safe working environment for both our employees and our customers. We comply fully with all OSHA safety recommendations. Further, all of our technicians have completed safety and forklift training. “Toolbox” meetings are held on the job site – initially, before our technicians go onto the roof, so they know in advance the specifics of the building, where to set ladders and what they might encounter, so that all appropriate measures and precautions are taken. Additional toolbox meetings are conducted as necessary to communicate with employees.

If you have your own safety program, DFW Urethane will coordinate closely with your safety personnel and guidelines. We also have material safety data sheets (MSDS) on every product being used readily accessible on-site in our job trailers.