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Walk-in Freezers and Coolers: The SPF Solution Costs Less

SPF insulation applied to a TPO commercial roof. This is the same material used to construct industrial walk-in freezers.

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation is an effective and widely utilized product for food and produce refrigeration, storage, and transportation, which is highly relevant if you operate a business that relies on walk-in freezers and refrigerators to keep perishable products or inventory cool.

SPF roofing applied to a TPO commercial roof, the same material used to insulate industrial walk-in freezers.

Whether your business stores dairy products, frozen meat or poultry, chilled vegetables, shipments of fresh flowers for sale, etc., keeping your products safe and fresh is a critical part of your business operation. It’s also important to install and operate your cold storage units in the most economical way possible.

SPF is often used to create a cost-efficient cold-storage space that exceeds standard requirements without constructing a gigantic, costly stainless steel cooler. In fact, your current facility may already have most of what you need.

SPF: High-performance Insulation

The first element required is the right insulation.

Closed cell spray foam is a very high-performance insulation that’s made up of tiny, strong, densely packed air pockets that resist air movement and heat conduction. It provides incredibly effective insulative properties on the commercial market with an R-value typically measured at 6 to 6.5, making it ideal for refrigeration and storage facilities.

The spray-on installation process allows us to apply a layer of polyurethane foam insulation to the perimeter walls, ceiling, and under the floor, effectively coating the inside of specific rooms or even your entire building to insulate it. We essentially create a large refrigerator or freezer box inside your current structure.

SPF roofing material is being applied to a commercial roof. SPF is the same material utilized in industrial walk-in freezers.

This extremely efficient barrier means we can keep the thickness of the insulation to the minimum, which maximizes your available storage space.

To complete the unit, you’ll simply need to add a refrigeration unit that’s sufficient to lower the air to the necessary temperature. The insulation efficiently maintains that air temperature, which means you save money on energy costs, and you also reduce the workload on the machinery — that means fewer repairs and a longer life for costly mechanical parts.

By using our cost-efficient SPF installation process to convert space you already have, additional construction may not be required, which is yet another way our SPF walk-in freezer or cooler saves you money over other options.

SPF Prevents Air Leaks and Moisture Intrusion

In addition to its superior insulating properties that protect your inventory, a refrigerator or freezer constructed in this way is more efficient and helps extend the longevity of your facility itself.

Using SPF, which is applied as a liquid that then expands, we create a seamless, fully-sealed envelope that eliminates gaps, seams, and air leaks, making it more efficient than any form of panelling or rolled sheets of material that must be mechanically attached.

This seamless structure has a dual function. It both prevents temperature loss due to air leak and also prevents moisture from entering your unit — a tremendous benefit due to the number of serious problems associated with moisture vapor intrusion. Those problems include:

  • Poor thermal performance of the insulation and unit as a whole
  • Insufficient cooling capacity
  • Increased utilities and operating cost
  • Mold and mildew
  • Ice formation
  • Rusted or corroded pipes
  • Ruined ceilings
  • Slippery floors
  • Malfunctioning equipment leading to downtime and repair expense

Simply put, condensation due to air leaks and accompanying moisture can cause a lot of costly damage, and repairing or replacing that equipment usually costs considerably more over time than the larger initial investment made on a superior product that ensures the elimination of leaks.

A man wearing blue protective clothing applies SPF insulation to an industrial building's ceiling. SPF is also used to insulate industrial walk-in freezers.

This seamless, airtight method for constructing coolers and freezers, often able to utilize your existing space, maximizes cooling space and saves money. Applying the proper elastomeric coating also means spray foam insulation is food-safe and fully meets USDA and FDA requirements.

Contact the Experts at DFW Urethane

If your business relies on the capabilities of a walk-in freezer or cold room, spray polyurethane foam insulation can provide the advantages you need.

Contact DFW Urethane here to get a recommendation and a quote on an SPF walk-in freezer or cooler installation.

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