In their own words…

Let our clients and industry partners tell you about their experiences working with DFW Urethane:

“They have done a fantastic job – they truly have. They stand behind their work; they have been absolutely excellent to work with. Obviously there are other contractors that I’ve worked with that have done well, but I guarantee you none has ever surpassed John’s crew. He and his group are right there at the top of all the contractors that I’ve ever worked with. When you consider how few calls I get on the 1.1 million square feet of roofing they installed, that’s a high recommendation that what they have done has worked well.

Bob Woodworth, Facilities Engineer
Retired in 2011 from L-3 Communications

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“We needed to come in and put a roof over an old building without tearing the old roof off, and also get the insulation that we needed, so that’s what we started using … Dallas-Ft. Worth Urethane has done an excellent job for us.”
Ernie Wright – Retired architect
30-year user of SPF roofing; worked with DFW Urethane

“We simply haven’t had any warranty claims with you [DFW Urethane] at all. Period.”
Mike Steele – President (retired), NEOGARD®
Industry partner – coating manufacturer

“If you have issues with your existing roof right now – ponding, leaking, deterioration in general – I would recommend calling John Ewell with DFW Urethane and having him come out and give you an assessment.”
John Day – Director of Maintenance
Christ for the Nations

“We’ve discovered over the years that our heating and cooling bills have dropped; we’ve found the church much quieter with the insulating properties of the foam … and we’re not worried every time it rains.”
Chuck Parmele – Church representative
Saint Anne’s Church 

“Maintaining a dry and healthy campus is a high priority to us. We knew our urethane roofs were saving us money – up to 30 percent on average – which opens up more possibilities and opportunities for capital investment.”
Frank Tillery – Director of Facilities
Parker College of Chiropractic