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Let our clients and industry partners tell you about their experiences working with DFW Urethane:

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Frank Tillery – Director of Facilities
Parker College of Chiropractic
“Maintaining a dry and healthy campus is a high priority to us. We knew our urethane roofs were saving us money – up to 30 percent on average – which opens up more possibilities and opportunities for capital investment.”
(Link to: “Frank Tillery Short Version”)

Chuck Parmele – Church representative
Saint Anne’s Church
“We’ve discovered over the years that our heating and cooling bills have dropped; we’ve found the church much quieter with the insulating properties of the foam … and we’re not worried every time it rains.”
(link to: “Saint Anne’s Case Study”)

John Day – Director of Maintenance
Christ for the Nations
Pull quote:
“I’ve worked with John Ewell and his team for about eight years now, and they’ve been outstanding on multiple projects.” (or)
“If you have issues with your existing roof right now – ponding, leaking, deterioration in general – I would recommend calling John Ewell with DFW Urethane and having him come out and give you an assessment.”
(link to: “Christ for the Nations Testimonial”)

Mike Steele – President (retired), NEOGARD®
Industry partner – coating manufacturer
Pull quote:
“We simply haven’t had any warranty claims with you [DFW Urethane] at all. Period.”
(link to “Interview with Mike Steele – Former President of NeoGard”)

Ernie Wright – Retired architect
30-year user of SPF roofing; worked with DFW Urethane
Pull quote:
“We did a lot of research in the 70s and 80s and came up with this elastomeric system using a polyurethane and a coating … In 1981 I put it on my building and I’ve had it on since that time.” (or)
“We needed to come in and put a roof over an old building without tearing the old roof off, and also get the insulation that we needed, so that’s what we started using … Dallas-Ft. Worth Urethane has done an excellent job for us.
(link to: “Ernie Wright Short Version”)