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Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church

When Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas, was looking to replace its roof, it turned to DFW Urethane for help.

“The polyurethane roof was an excellent move, if for no other reason than it brought John Ewell and his company to St. Anne’s,” church representative Chuck Parmele said. “The roof has served us well and DFW Urethane has quickly handled any minor issue we’ve had with it promptly and graciously.”

Parmele commented that it was difficult to quantify the resulting savings on utilities because of changing utility rates and the addition of new heating and cooling equipment, but the new roofing definitely offers clear benefits. “From a maintenance standpoint, we have had very few issues compared to the old tar and gravel built-up roof system,” he stated.

Not only did Parmele consider DFW Urethane’s quality of service on par with any large company’s, he found working with a small company like DFW Urethane a positive experience.

“I do not believe the size of the company has any relevance to the quality of service,” Parmele asserted. “Owner John Ewell has made himself very accessible to us; he has been excellent to work with; and he has been a real friend to St. Anne’s.”

In short, he was very satisfied with DFW Urethane’s roofing as well as its people. “John Ewell, his family and his crew have been a true blessing to St. Anne’s,” he said. “They are considered a big part of our parish family, always giving their all to ensure a good job and our peace of mind.”

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Dawson Geophysical Company

Dawson Geophysical Company, founded in 1952, is the leading seismic acquisition company in the lower 48 states. The Midland facility was built in 1981 and purchased by Dawson in 1995.

A hail- and windstorm in 2009 left the metal roof of the facility with numerous leaks. These leaks were everywhere – and a serious problem for the safety-conscious management team when leaking water was on the shop floor. The plant also suffered from blistering heat in the summer.

John Brideweser of Dawson Geophysical Company contracted DFW Urethane to install a polyurethane spray roof over the existing roof. Despite unexpected heavy rains and high winds, DFW Urethane finished the entire job within the projected three-week time period (June 25 – July 12, 2010).

“The DFW Urethane staff was very easy to work with, very courteous and professional,” Brideweser said. “They made sure that any concerns or questions were taken care of, and we are very happy with them and their work. They delivered more than they promised.”


Since the re-roofing project was completed, the facility has experienced no roof leaks – and they have noticed a cooler ambient air temperature throughout the facility, even with summer heats reaching 105 degrees outside.

“I would definitely recommend DFW Urethane to others with roof issues,” says Brideweser. “They get an A+ for the project.”