Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Six Flags began using the Hurricane Harbor brand in 1995 with the opening of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor adjacent to Six Flags Magic Mountain. That same year, Wet ’n Wild in Arlington, Texas, was purchased by Six Flags. It operated as Wet ’n Wild — A Six Flags Park in 1995-1996 then was rebranded as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in 1997. The brand has since become a trademark of the Six Flags franchise. In 1999, Six Flags St. Louis was the first Six Flags park to construct its own intra-park water attractions section. As Six Flags acquired and rebranded parks in the 2000s, some existing water parks within these theme parks were later upgraded and rebranded as Hurricane Harbor. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington is located across Interstate 30 from Six Flags Over Texas. It was originally a part of the Wet ‘n Wild chain, but was purchased by Six Flags in 1995. The park offers a huge range of water rides and pools to keep all ages entertained including the unusual Banzai Boggan which skims riders across the water like a pebble. On a hot Texas day it is also a great way to keep cool. As you would expect there is food and drink served within the park so you won’t go hungry. Atlantic Panic has super high walls, and as you lie on your back and slide down the high speed run, shooting down the sloping, twisting track, you’ll just see a slice of the sky overhead. High walls mean you can bank high on the turns, sliding up the side for maximum airtime. There are more than 1,500 gallons of water pushing down this course. With those tough Atlantic storm waters rushing past you, you should take all the airtime you can get! Banzai Pipeline, a thrilling, rushing water slide tower featuring three unique slides that twist, turn and spin guests down more than three stories.

With slippery slopes, impressive heights, thrilling speeds and action around every turn, these slides will leave you wanting to take on the raging waters again and again. Pick your favorite slide; each one offers its own unique thrill as you splash and spiral to the finish line. A black hole is one of the least understood and most feared phenomena in the universe. It’s so powerful that nothing can escape its grasp, not even light. Any thing that gets yanked down into its unfathomable depths will never be seen again. Now, you’ll be seen again at the end of this unbelievably thrilling excursion into deep space, but along the way you’ll get a true taste of what it feels like to fall through a black hole! The relentlessly coiling tower of enclosed tube slides looms large over the entire park. Standing 80 feet in the sky, the twin routes of the Black Hole will seem like one of the most intimidating water thrill rides you’ve ever seen. Jump onto a two-person raft and prepare for a descent into total darkness. The walls are totally blacked out, so you will have absolutely no idea where you’re going or where you’ve been, as you snake around impossible to predict twists and pivots. Tiny flickering lights will glisten like stars as you speed-plummet deeper and deeper into oblivion. Don't forget to check out this place in DFW too.

A true raider has to move quick, as the elements of stealth and surprise are your number one weapon. Master the art of the sudden attack on this shockingly swift hybrid slide. That’s right, this slide is a combo of both riding styles – tube and open air. Grab a raft and friend, because this is an awesome team run for a pair of raiders like you. This stunningly swift course will first take you through a wild blue tunnel experience. The whole world turns blue while you’re in there, racing down slopes and sliding up the walls. Scream something to your buddy for maximum echo. The snaky blue turns will suddenly give way to a totally different slide profile — a wide-channeled white slide with super high walls for incredible banking opportunities. Wahoo Racer is the perfect fit for you! The thrilling multi-lane water slide complex is the largest of its kind in the world. Wahoo Racer is a two-tiered slide mat racer that first sends riders on an intense, winding stretch through colorful tubes before shooting them out into six racing track-styled lanes. As you take the nearly 60 feet high journey up to the launching station, you’ll be able to strategically plan your tactics on how to pull off a winning race. Before you know it, it’s your turn to get into your starting position. Feel free to scope out your competition, but don’t stray away from paying attention to the countdown. Hold on tight because Wahoo Racer will send you soaring down head first, at extreme speeds of up to 40 feet per second, on aero-dynamically designed water toboggans into the final stretch. Stay focused on the finish line because you never know which of the other five riders could pass you in the race to the end. After you’ve made it to the splashy ending, congratulate your fellow racers and take a winning photo. You’ve earned it! If you are ever in need of spray polyurethane foam and roofing, click here.