Performance Ratings

Performance-Based Studies Research Group

In 1995, DFW Urethane contracted with the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG), operated by the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. The PBSRG conducts research on the performance of contractors and construction systems. Founded in 1994, the PBSRG is the only research center in the world with nonbiased performance information on construction systems. Its research and education programs assist facility owners in reducing the life-cycle costs and risks of their facility systems.


Roofing Performance Information

The objective of the PBSRG’s performance research is to reduce the risk and cost of roofing systems by:

  1. Identifying performing contractors.
  2. Educating contractors to use information to continuously improve.
  3. Motivating contractors to continuously improve their own performance. The research effort to improve roof system performance requires the following:

Roofing contractors are asked to either produce their entire job file (random inspection which is more reliable) or a selected sample of 100 roofs that is most representative of the company’s capabilities.

  • The PBSRG selects 50 roofs from the listing and collects the performance information from these roofs.
  • Contractors are then given the opportunity to improve their performance.
  • The contractor’s performance is continually updated on all of its installed roofs.

Performance information for roofing includes such critical factors as customer satisfaction, percentage of roofs that have never leaked, percentage of roofs that currently leak, maximum performance periods, maintenance and repair requirements, cost, and environmental conditions.


Alpha Roof Rating System

The Alpha Roof Rating System Program, originally developed by PBSRG Director Dr. Dean Kashiwagi in the mid-1990s, serves as an all-encompassing continuous improvement program that:

  1. Tracks and monitors the performance of qualified roof installers (contractors) and the product that is being installed.
  2. Educates facility owners on the concept of buying based on performance information (rather than marketing information, low price, or extended warranties).
  3. Requires that all qualified installers meet certain performance metrics and qualifications.

The Alpha program has resulted in the documented performance of an SPF roofing system that can last for more than 20 years – the “Alpha System.” The documentation confirms that the system outperforms any other SPF roofing systems on the market.


DFW Urethane Ratings – As of September, 2011

Every two years, the PBSRG randomly selects and inspects 50 of the oldest, largest roofs with SPF roof systems installed by DFW Urethane. The most recent performance information shows the following:

  • Number of years of service: 25 years
  • Average age of roofs surveyed: 10 years
  • Age of oldest job surveyed: 25 years
  • Average area of installed roofs: 48,925 sf.
  • Average area of roof per penetration: 2,883 sf.
  • Percent of roofs with less than ¼-in. slope: 33%
  • Percent of roofs that have never leaked: 72%
  • Percent of roofs with no current leak: 100%
  • Percent of roofs with traffic >12 times/year: N/A
  • Percent of roofs with less than 5% ponded water: 100%
  • Percent of roofs with less than 1% deterioration: 100%
  • Percent of satisfied customers:  100%
  • Percent of customers who would purchase again: 100%
  • Percent of jobs completed on time:  100%
  • Number of customers surveyed/inspected: 37

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