Modified Bitumen Retrofit

The long-term solution to leaking
mod-bit roofs

High-performance reroofing with multiple advantages

Modified bitumen (mod-bit) membrane roofs clearly represent an improvement over asphalt built-up and tar-and-gravel roofs. However, they still deteriorate over time due to extreme surface temperatures and exposure to ultraviolet light. And, they are heavy, so replacement requires tearing off the existing roof, which is costly, disruptive and risky.

DFW Urethane offers two cost-effective and enduring solutions to leaky modified bitumen roofs. Both provide energy-saving insulation and lower the roof’s surface temperature. They also avoid the expense and risks of removing the existing roof. Regardless of the system that best fits your building and budget, know that you’re getting the top-performing spray foam commercial roofing company that serves Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Texas and Oklahoma.

Proven, sustainable approaches that lower utility bills

Option 1 – A leak-stopping, high-performance elastomeric coating

  1. DFW Urethane prepares the roof surface, power washing to remove dirt and oxidation.
  2. We apply two coats of high-performance elastomeric coating to all seams and penetrations.
  3. After proper drying, we spray a light grey elastomeric base coat over the entire roof.
  4. Lastly, we apply a high-performance reflective white topcoat to the entire roof.

The end result is an ENERGY STAR® qualified, fully sustainable roofing system. A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty is available on this system.

Option 2 – High-performance spray foam insulation coupled with reflective coating

  1. We spray a minimum of 1″ up to 3″ of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation over the modified bitumen roof, creating a seamless, watertight seal and adding insulation value of R=value 7 to 21 to the roof.
  2. Additional foam is used to build up low areas and prevent pooling of water.
  3. We apply a light grey elastomeric base coat to the entire roofing system.
  4. Once dry, the roof gets a high-performance white elastomeric topcoat to reflect and minimize the transfer of radiant heat.

Both 10- and 15-year manufacturer’s warranties are available on this system.

We lighten your energy load

If you’re looking to reduce your facility’s utility bills, covering your mod-bit roof with spray foam is an excellent way to add high-tech insulation. The thicker the foam, the greater the savings. In addition to the white elastomeric coating, which carries the ENERGY STAR rating for reflectivity, other coatings and colors are available to accommodate your needs.

Trust the experts in SPF roofing and insulation to solve your commercial roof repair challenges – once and for all. Contact DFW Urethane today!