Hail-Resistant Roofing Systems

Optimal protection from costly hail damage

A top-of-the-line defense where it matters most

Could roof leaks caused by hail damage put your building occupants, assets or operations in jeopardy? Do you have an existing rubber or traditional roof that’s been damaged by hail, or that needs to be repaired every time it rains?

DFW Urethane’s hail-resistant polyurethane roof systems offer a proven, long-term solution. They’re one of the few roofing systems guaranteed to stand up to 1¾” diameter hail – FM/SH-rated by the Factory Mutual testing facility. They minimize damage from larger-size hail and hurricane-force winds.

When hail-resistant roofing is the right investment

Instead of endless patching, benefit from a reroofing system that can be installed over your existing roof. These systems are custom-designed to remain solid, waterproof and structurally sound. We apply 1.5 to 2 inches of rigid spray polyurethane foam formulated to a high compressive strength. The foam is covered with a three-layer, 45-mil-thick Neogard Permathane II elastomeric coating, which offers superb physical properties. (Standard installations get a 30-mil elastomeric coating.)

Although these FM/SH-rated systems cost more than our standard SPF roofs, they are ultimately a better investment for environments that are extremely sensitive to water leaks and roof damage. These include medical and military facilities, data centers, and other facilities housing critical operations. With a custom hail-resistant roof system, you know what it can handle and how it will perform.

Our systems have also sustained storms with hail exceeding 2” in diameter. If the coating breaks, your facility may incur some expense, but the entire building won’t be flooded by water pouring in through the roof.

DFW Urethane’s strong, durable hail-resistant roofing systems:

  • Withstand hail up to 1¾” in diameter without leaking
  • Stretch and move to minimize damage
  • Resist “missile damage” from flying debris
  • Boost structural strength and add rigidity
  • Offer an I-90 wind uplift rating, depending on the roof underneath
  • Deliver greater energy savings when installed with additional foam
  • Are backed by 10- and 15-year warranties, based on the system

One of the biggest advantages of polyurethane foam roofs is their resistance to “missile damage” from flying debris. If an adjacent roof blows off and bounces off your secured roof, your building doesn’t flood. Our hail-resistant roof systems also withstand high winds and hurricane conditions, making them ideal for buildings in coastal areas.

Research- and storm-tested for predictable performance

Our hail-resistant roofing systems are the product of extensive research and controlled tests conducted through the Performance Based Studies Research Group at Arizona State University. When pummeled by oversize hail, SPF roofing systems with specific foam densities and compressive strengths – covered with 45-mil Neogard Permathane II polyurethane coatings – performed the best. DFW Urethane customers who have installed these roof systems report excellent results.

When failure is not an option, gain proven protection

Hail causes millions of dollars in roof and property damage every year, driving up insurance deductibles and roof replacement costs. So, it pays to see whether a hail-resistant SPF roofing system from DFW Urethane is the right solution for your facility.

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