New Construction

Reduce upfront costs and ongoing
energy usage

Heavy-duty performance in a light package

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems are the optimal choice for new construction. They provide unparalleled energy efficiency, last for decades with minimal maintenance, and significantly reduce upfront construction costs. For the best results on your new construction project, rely on the national leader in high-performance commercial roofing: DFW Urethane.

Spray foam offers the highest R-Value of any roofing system. Foam roofs are totally seamless, so there are no laps or seams to let radiant heat penetrate. And, when covered with a white elastomeric coating, they will have a lower surface temperature than any other roofing system. For a top-of-the-line building envelope that delivers maximum energy savings, choose an SPF roofing system coupled with an SPF insulation package.

Spend less upfront – get more for the money

Here’s how spray polyurethane foam roofing reduces new construction expenses:

  • Less weight to support – Unlike traditional roofing systems, a lightweight SPF roof requires less structural steel. Engineers can design the structural components based on the calculated weight load.
  • Ease of application – Spray foam insulation is far less labor-intensive to install, because it’s self-flashing. There’s no need for hand grafting of flashing details for equipment and penetrations, which is time-consuming and costly.
  • Insulating value – Because coated SPF roofs reflect and prevent the transfer of radiant heat, buildings are easier to cool, requiring less AC tonnage up front.

Watertight and hurricane wind-resistant

When applied directly to metal, spray foam roofing provides the best wind uplift rating of any roofing system on the market, far exceeding the 1-90 rating standard. In fact, an SPF system was used to re-roof the Louisiana Superdome – and satisfy requirements for an unlimited wind speed guarantee. Testing by Underwriters Laboratories has documented wind resistance exceeding 165 pounds per square foot.

Not only is SPF roofing easily installed, it can be sloped and tapered to ensure that the roof drains properly and prevent pooling of water. And, it is an eco-friendly solution that can provide LEED certification points along with long-term savings for owners.

Installation options are tailored to the project:

  1. We can spray polyurethane foam directly on metal or concrete decking, which achieves the highest wind uplift rating and adds less weight to the building structure.
  2. We can mechanically fasten gypsum sheeting, then spray the gypsum boards, which creates a smoother surface and may offer additional fire rating qualities.

After the foam is sprayed, we apply a base coat followed by a bright white elastomeric topcoat that carries the ENERGY STAR® rating for reflectivity. Both 10- and 15-year manufacturers’ warranties are available on this system. DFW Urethane will work with your architect and engineer to help design a lightweight, energy-efficient roof system for your new commercial or industrial building. Call us today!