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Architectural and industrial metal roof installation and historic restoration

Install a durable metal roof on your building

If your commercial building’s roof is nearing the end of its useful life, installing a new metal roof can be a cost-effective alternative. Regardless of the type of roofing you have now, an attractive, efficient sheet metal roof may be your best choice. DFW Urethane’s team of professional installers can install your new metal roof without disrupting your business. Contact us today for a free assessment of your roof.

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Benefits of a standing seam metal roof

Durable and low maintenance: Metal roofs are resistant to hail, fire and high wind. They are also impervious to mold, decay and pests. Because of the materials and processes we use, our metal roofs can last 30 years or more with proper maintenance.

Installs quickly: The light weight of metal roofing means we can install a metal roof system over your existing roof – avoiding the costly and time-consuming process of roof removal.

Weathertight: standing seam mean the panel seams are raised vertically above the flat areas of the roof, providing excellent drainage with less potential for water to infiltrate. Our pre-rolled metal roof panels run from ridge to eaves with minimal horizontal seams for added leak protection.

Energy efficient: Our metal roofs can be finished in highly reflective colors that reject solar heat rather than absorbing it into your building. Alternatively, our metal roofs can be coated with our high-tech spray polyurethane foam for added protection and insulation.

Warranty: A 25-35-year manufacturer’s finish warranty is available on most metal roof installations.

Retrofit your metal roof to add durability and efficiency

The typical industrial metal roof often includes thousands of screws and seams. Here in the Sunbelt, it will endure ongoing cycles of intense heat and cooling, resulting in constant expansion and contraction. Over time, thermal movement causes fasteners to wear out and seams to leak, creating a never-ending, high-cost maintenance headache.

DFW Urethane comes to the rescue with the longest-lasting and most trouble-free system for metal roofs: spray polyurethane foam (SPF). Spray foam roofing creates a lightweight, seamless, watertight seal that also serves as insulation. It is covered with a high-performance elastomeric coating that reflects light and radiant heat. So, roof temperatures are far lower – and so are your utility bills, if the space is air-conditioned.

A durable system with no downtime for installation

Applying spray foam extends the life of your existing metal roof. Extreme temperatures can’t penetrate, which means less movement – and no leaking. And, the SPF system is a renewable roofing system, sprayed in place over your existing roof. There’s no interruption to your business or exposure of building contents.

Added benefits of spray foam roofing for metal roofs:

  • Significantly increases thermal insulation – adds an R-Value of 7 per inch of foam applied. Applying an average 1.5 inches thickness adds an average R-Value of 11.
  • Easier to maintain a constant, comfortable environment for employees
  • Lightweight – no need to peel off the existing roof
  • Stops corrosion and building damage
  • Helps soundproof buildings – ideal near highways and airports
  • Boosts structural strength and adds rigidity
  • Provides environmental benefits, including LEED certification points

No wonder so many building owners and facility managers rely on DFW Urethane to retrofit their metal roofs in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Texas and Oklahoma.

DFW Urethane installs SPF on all types of corrugation and standing-seam roofs. We follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the roof by power washing the existing metal.
  2. Treat rusted areas with spot primer and replace missing screws.
  3. Spray insulating polyurethane foam over the entire roof, directly to the metal.
  4. Cover the foam with a two- or three-coat high-performance elastomeric coating system.
  5. Both 10- and 15-year manufacturer’s warranties are available on this system.

If your metal roof has skylights, we can replace them or design new skylights to address your needs. We also offer a complete insulation package that provides a high-tech building envelope. Learn more

Rely on the commercial roofing company in Texas with decades of experience installing spray polyurethane roofs. Discover why DFW Urethane has earned the highest ratings for performance and customer satisfaction from the Del Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. Contact us today!