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CFAN Corporation

CFAN Corporation
Commercial Roofing Project
San Marcos, Texas

CFAN Corporation

View of polyurethane foam prior to application of elastomeric coating

CFAN Corporation is a manufacturer of carbon fiber turbine blades for jet aircraft engines. It operates a 160,000-square-foot facility located between Austin and San Antonio. Its manufacturing process requires strictly controlled temperatures, and cooling this enormous facility was sending their energy costs literally “through the roof.”

The client was contemplating the purchase and installation of additional HVAC units to help address its temperature control challenges. However, that would have only driven its energy costs even higher. Instead, CFAN selected DFW Urethane to install a new polyurethane roofing system over its existing metal roof and help address its energy usage concerns.

DFW Urethane installed an SPF roofing system over the entire facility’s existing standing-seam metal roof. Not only has it lowered their energy costs, it has provided CFAN with a leak-free environment for years to come.


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