Case Studies

Proven performance – promises kept

Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch
Commercial Roofing Project
Houston, Texas

Anheuser BuschAnheuser Busch of St. Louis, Missouri, sought out DFW Urethane to re-roof 100,000 square feet of metal roofing on its bottling plant in Houston.

Halfway through the project, Houston was inundated with a full week of hard rain.

Their onsite warehouse facility was flooded, ruining their entire inventory of sanitized bottles that were ready to be shipped to their brewery in St. Louis.

Realizing that the portion of the bottling plant that we had already re-roofed had not leaked a single drop, Anheuser Busch asked DFW Urethane to halt work on the original project and undertake emergency repairs on their 150,000-square-foot warehouse facility.

With the addition of the warehouse job, the complete project involved re-roofing a quarter of a million square feet.

The warehouse and the plant were completed as requested and Anheuser Busch has enjoyed a completely dry warehouse and plant environment ever since.

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