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Reroof the energy-wise way – and see more green

Today, all aspects of building are becoming more energy-wise. The lighting industry actively promotes changing to LED and CFL light bulbs. More efficient HVAC systems deliver greater energy savings with higher SEER ratings. And new energy-efficient windows reduce radiant heat and leakage of conditioned air. All of those strategies are great for residential buildings, but…

Makeover magic – restoring old buildings for energy efficiency

Many of our customers come to us for help with old buildings, because they have problems with leaks or they get too hot or too cold. While some of those commercial buildings go back to the 1940s to 1960s, we also do a lot of work on older buildings. We’ve been involved in many projects…

See More “Green” With Energy-Efficient Roofing!

For years now, we’ve heard from customers who have discovered a byproduct of their spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofs: shrinking utility bills. When they hired us to spray their roofs, they were just focused on eliminating the water leaks that put their building’s contents and occupants at risk. The subsequent energy savings have been an…